Wedding Planning Services

Level headed wedding adviser helping you plan a beautiful, relaxed, intimate wedding

Do you feel pressured by the weddings you see on Instagram? Do you find yourself dreaming of a simpler, more authentic wedding? Do you feel you don’t even know where to begin, you’re rubbish at negotiating and worried you’ll make a mistake or overspend?

If your answer is yes then take a deep breath. We’ve got this.

I specialise in helping couples cut through the noise to organise beautiful, romantic ‘authentic’ weddings that are truly personal and meaningful.

Your best interests are at the heart of what I do.

Free yourself from expectation

I decided to specialise in what I call ‘authentic’ weddings having become increasingly frustrated with the global trend of spending exorbitant money on superfluous gimmicks and unnecessary ‘stuff’.

I’ve spoken to couples directly and found that whether because of finances, age, personal anxieties or private circumstances, many couples neither relate to, nor want, the extravagant weddings we see online.

I worry today’s wedding narrative runs the risk of eroding the very meaning of a wedding day by mutating this milestone into nothing short of a three ring circus.

If this opinion makes me unpopular then so be it but I know I am not alone.

It’s therefore important to me my couples feel free from any expectation about their day. It’s not my job to tell you what to do, but to help and support you to have the wedding day you want – regardless of what everyone else might be doing!

Avoid Overspending

My role as a wedding adviser, planner, designer and co-ordinator is to gently navigate you away from the contrived products and services designed simply to separate you from your money. Together we’ll create a truly special wedding day which reflects the two of you and enables you to spend wisely on the things that matter to you most while valuing quality over quantity.

FACT – Experience Saves Money

My experience has taught me the insider tips, tricks and alternative ways of doing things that will help you either stretch your budget further or pocket the difference.

My experience working in hotels and hospitality means I speak the language of your venue. Working alongside them whilst understanding the ‘behind the scenes’ reality of event operations and logistics is second nature to me.

My wedding teams are curated from an extensive network of superb suppliers, entertainers and creatives. You may also know suppliers whom you particularly want to work with and I’m totally open to meeting and working with someone new.

Having me on side can help you avoid early mistakes which could cost you further down the road.

We don’t want costly mistakes to eat into the honeymoon budget do we?!

Who’s in for the pretties?

Having said all that, don’t get me wrong. I love the theatre of event design and I’m a sucker for beautiful florals, pretty cakes and special touch details as much as the next person. I’m all in for sentimental gestures, romantic displays and wow factor moments.

My wedding design delivers all the eye candy whilst being mindful to your budget and getting the most bang for your buck.

Great food, top class entertainment and the perfect surroundings are my absolute pleasure to plan for you.

So here’s what I do…

  • Small, Intimate Weddings & Elopements
  • Low Key Wedding Lunches & Receptions
  • Wedding Concept & Design
  • Savvy Budget Mastery
  • Weddings at Home
  • Wedding Day Co-ordination
  • Venue Finder
  • Supplier Sourcing & Co-ordination
  • DIY Wedding Adviser

…and if you really want a massive wedding with bells on then let’s do it!

The above is not an exhaustive list so if you have something else in mind for your wedding day do get in touch. I’m always excited to hear about something new or challenging!

Cut to the chase – what do I charge?

I’m not even going to try to pigeon hole your wedding day into a ‘one size fits all’ fee plan, but I know some ball park figures will help you. Your wedding will be unique and there’s no point paying me for services you can/want to do for yourself. The best idea is to meet and chat through your ideas and how you think you’ll benefit from having me on your team. I’ll calculate an appropriate quote based on your requirements. You can discuss this between you and let me know if you want to make tweaks or secure your date in my diary.

  • Intimate Wedding Planning (up to 30 guests) – from £1500
  • Full Wedding PlanningPOA
  • Wedding WeekendsPOA
  • Wedding Day Co-ordinationfrom £950
  • Marriage Proposalsfrom £650
  • Wedding Designfrom £750
  • Wedding Design & Supplier Search from £1250
  • Venue Searchfrom £495
  • Supplier Searchfrom £250
  • 1-2-1 Wedding Planning Advice – £250
  • By the hour / freelance service – from £65

Any addition travel or accommodation costs (where applicable) will be clearly noted on my quote

Benefit from Exclusive Rates & Offers

One great benefit from my services is that very often I can negotiate more favourable rates or little extras which can go some way to covering the fee for my services. Many of the vendors in my Little Black Book offer exclusive rates or special offers for my clients. Any preferred rates and exclusive discounts I secure on your behalf are passed back to you in full transparency. Please be assured, I am not tied into any contracts or agreements with vendors and am free to source vendors that suit your particular wedding vision and style. .

Ready to meet and chat about your wedding? Contact me now to arrange a time that suits.

How can I help you?

  • Intimate wedding (up to 30 guests) – it’s all about the two of you and the very special people in your life. You’re savvy enough to know by keeping your numbers small you have more opportunity to create a truly personal wedding day – Think exclusive private dining rooms, gorgeous flowers, top class dining, the pop of Champagne corks surrounded by your favourite people. Then off on your honeymoon to somewhere exotic to soak up the sun.
  • A wedding ‘at home’ – you need me to help organise the essentials. I’ll be present on the day to oversee the suppliers and act as your guest liaison leaving you stress-free with time and confidence to ‘be in the moment’ with your family and friends – Think tipi in the garden with a big barbecue, well stocked bar and plenty of dancing under the stars or let’s do a silver service dinner in a fairy-lit marquee.
  • Planning from afar – you can’t travel up and down the motorway every five minutes so you need me as ‘errand girl’ to handle local chores in your absence – Book me for time-chunks of 3 or more hours (min. fee £195)
  • Last minute wedding – you don’t want to wait years to get married. You want to say ‘We do!’ and have a stylish wedding NOW. You need me to find available venues and vendors at short notice, manage negotiations and co-ordinate the day – You might benefit from some excellent prices when booking last minute but there’s plenty of work involved sourcing the right venue and suppliers. Maybe you’re bringing your wedding forward for personal reasons. Whatever the scenario I’lll help you co-ordinate the day and make it happen.
  • Couples struggling with time – you need me to undertake the time-consuming tasks of sourcing a venue and co-ordinating vendors whilst working with you on wedding design, budget & timeline – Think of me powering through much of planning jobs on your behalf – this is predominantly a venue and/or supplier sourcing service with the addition of wedding design should you want it.
  • Where Do We Start?’ – you don’t want to hire a wedding planner but understand the value of my advice before you start making plans. This is a relaxed one-to-one with me to cut through the ‘hype’ of wedding planning, helping you avoid early mistakes that will cost you down the line – Think of this is your opportunity to start as you mean to go on. You’ll avoid the pitfalls many couples fall into in the early stages plus you’ll understand how to get the most from your budget with my savvy insider tips on how to save money and avoid overwhelm!
  • Exclusive Wedding Weekend – please ask for details about exclusive private venues, destination weddings, personal chefs and staffing – Think of the classic weekend house-party to say ‘I Do!’ and celebrate your marriage.

Small intimate weddings can indulge in extravagant details or be memorable for their simplicity with the right location and my keen eye for the finer details

Cherry pick my services

I calculate my fees based on time and the services you choose taking into consideration the scale of your wedding, guests numbers (in case I need to bring in extra pairs of hands), location and logistics involved. The average wedding takes between 200-400 hours to plan but you might not need/want me to do everything. Here’s a short list of some of the services I offer. You’re welcome to cherry pick and I’ll create a bespoke package for you. You can always add services at a later date too if my diary allows.

  • Wedding Concept & Design
  • Administration & Co-ordination
  • Budget Management
  • Venue Sourcing, Negotiating & Accompanied Viewings
  • Supplier Sourcing, Negotiating & Accompanied Meetings
  • Venue & Supplier Liaison & Co-ordination
  • Guest Liaison
  • Wedding Day Co-ordination

Ready to meet and chat about your wedding? Remember my first consultation meeting is complimentary and can be by Zoom depending on location. Contact me now to arrange a time that suits.